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The Music

It's all about the music...
Without music life would be just plain boring, that's why a special occasion or party just can't do without it. Now the trick is getting the music right and that's where we come in.

We have a huge collection of music collected over many years at our disposal. Like the music we've moved with the times, first it was vinyl, then it was CD and now, MP3. Add them all together and we have something for everybody. Pop, rock, dance, 70s, 80s, fast, slow, yep, we have it all.We can find that special song for that special occasion and if you want to give us a playlist, then why not but just remember the rule, you've gotta be able to dance to it!

Okay, so we've sorted out the fact that we have the music, but there's more to it than that, it's not as easy as hitting the shuffle button on your ipod! No, it takes years of experience to know what to play and when, to know when to bring the dancefloor up, and when to bring it back down again.

We use all the tools at our disposal that's why you'll find technics turntables alongside our CD and MP3 players. We're skilled at mixing so you get none of them annoying gaps or stops between songs and we know how to use a microphone so we can give out the odd dedication or call the bride and groom to the dancefloor for the first dance.

All in all we have the music, we know how to make you dance and together we'll make the night go off with a bang!