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Disco Inferno Setups...

We create a specfic setup for every party that we do....

Your party is important to us, that's why we'll pull out all of the stops to make sure it is a success. We've been in the business over 20 years and the experience we have is second to none.

We create our setups based on a number factors, the type of event, Wedding, Birthday Party, Corporate Event and so on, the venue, its size and any restrictions it may have, the number of guests expected and any specific requests you have. We take these factors into account and we put togther a setup for your party.

Some disco companies will charge you extra for things such as moving head lights or lasers, we do not. Virtually every setup we provide will have the latest in hi-tech lights including multiple moving heads. On the odd occasion we get asked to provide a simple lightshow which is not a problem after all it is your party so we are here to do what you require.

Below you will find some examples of the different setups that we have put out for parties over the past two years which will give you an idea of what we can provide for your party and at the bottom of the page you will find details on two popular add-ons, mood lighting and video..

Setup 1:
This is probably our most popular setup, in the pictures below this was for a 60th Birthday Party in a community hall in Beauchamp St Paul in Essex. It featured the latest in moving light & Laser technology, a 3000 watt JBL sound system and has red and blue moodlighting for added impact. Good for parties where the audience size is up to 150.

Disco Inferno Roadshow

Disco Inferno Gold

Setup 2:
The next setup was for a 40th Birthday Party in Dartfiord, they wanted a full on clubbing experience with classic house and 90's dance. The lights were the most advanced we have with moving heads including an amazing effect called a Warlock and lasers. The sound system was a 5000 watt JBL setup.This is good for bigger venues and audiences up to 300.

Disco Inferno Mobile Disco

Disco Inferno Silver

Setup 3:
This is really only suitable for large venues with high ceilings as if features 4 lasers including an amazing 3D laser, put that together with the moving heads and you have a top class lightshow. This was for a year 6 school leavers party in Grays with a 3500 watt JBL and Yamaha sound system.

Disco Inferno Full Roadshow

And this is a similar setup but without the 3d Lasers for a Wedding in Stanford Le Hope but with stage moodlighting.

Disco Inferno Full Roadshow

Setup 4:
This was for a Wedding in Maldon, the happy couple asked for a specific light setup with no lasers, strobes, smoke and fast flashing lights. We programmed a light show with slow moving head lights with the beams of light above head height and gentle washes of colour.

Disco Inferno Small Rig

Setup 5.
Three of our smaller setups, the first was for a 40th Birthday in East Grinstead where we setup in their conservatory. Lights include moving heads and a 2000 watt JBL sound system suitable for audience sizes up to 100.

Disco Inferno Bronze

This is basically the same setup but with blue mood lighting for a 50th Birthday in Hatfield Heath in a marquee in the clients back garden.

Disco Inferno setup in a marquee

This setup was for a New Years Eve Party in Chafford Hundred in the clients conservatory, slightly different to the previous two setups as using less but more powerfull lights including the amazing Warlocks and a more powerfull sound system from JBL rated at 3500 watts as the client liked it loud!

And this is what you could call our old school setup, not a computer in sight with the music being played on our Pioneer CD's and Technics turntables, we are one of the few mobile discos still keeping the vinyl faith given half a chance!

When you book with us you always get the personal touch...

We are always more than happy to meet up with you for an informal chat or you are welcome to just give us a call. Whatever way you want to communicate with us we can discuss your exact requirements, any special requests and we will provide you with information about the services we will supply for your event. On top of this you get the following as standard;

Glow sticks and inflatable instruments for your younger guests at no extra charge.

A visit to the venue to ensure we know where it is, what access it has, to make sure the setup is right for the venue and to ensure we comply with any of their requirements

Our travel time to and from the wedding, event or party

Disco setup, this can take up to 2.5 hours and take down time, usually takes 1 hour (times dependent on size of setup and venue access)

And of course DJing at your wedding, event or party for upto 5 hours, we find this caters for most parties but if you need longer please ask.

For your peace of mind Disco Inferno and Robbie Collins are fully insured with Public Liability Insurance coverage to £10 million, equipment that is PAT tested, a member of the National Association of DJ’s and a DJ Mark Gold Holder, certificates are available for inspection.

We do our very best to stay competitive whilst providing a quality service. The prices we will quote will be based on many different factors, size of the party, size of the sound and lighting systems, any add on so please don't hestitate to let us have your enquiry.

You are also welcome to set a target budget and we will see what we can do because at the end of the day we want to entertain you and would rather be doing that than sitting at home watching the telly!

Add Ons:

Up-Lighting, sometimes known as mood lighting, a wash lighting effect around the room or areas of your choosing, you can also choose the colours which we can programme as static colours or fades or runs between colours. The lights we use are top of the range Chauvet Hex lights which provide the most advanced combination of colours available on any light, they are also Wi-Fi which means we can place them anywhere in the room as they have no wires to restrict their placement- Price on application

Video - Choice of two 50" HD screens, you can display your photos on them or let us provide music and effects on them, or both, your choice - Price on application

Disco Inferno has over 20 years of experience in providing the perfect backdrop for your partiy. We can always tailor a package to suit the needs of your day or night or both!